Let’s get the business out of the way first. Here are the spelling words for this week.

hop, top, log, hog, hot, lot, fast, wink, our, they

Now that we got that out of the way, here are some photos from our field trip to the Long Center for Performing Arts and the pumpkin we carved today.

A couple quick thank-yous: to Lily’s mom for chaperoning and taking the pictures on the field trip and the trio of Sean Paul, Mackenzie and Faith for separating the pumpkin seeds from the pumpkin guts so tomorrow we can enjoy some nice roasted pumpkin seeds.

Finally, congratulations to Omo and Safiyah for their close estimates of the weight of the pumpkin. They both guessed 15 pounds, which was the closest to our 9 pound pumpkin.

Enjoy the photos and have a safe Halloween. Also, don’t forget to throw a fruit or vegetable in the mix as the students are swarmed in candy.

P.S. = For those who visited me at the dunking booth at the Fall Carnival… I remember… I remember all. Beware…