For some reason I found it harder to get back to this site in 2012. Regardless, I’m here again and I’d like to jump-start my new year’s resolution to update this site. I added a new page to our class site that has a list of the sight words all first grade students should know. I have sent a similar page out earlier when we got back, but I’ll keep a running list on that page appropriately called “sight words.”

Tomorrow I will get back in the flow with spelling words, until then I would like to congratulate Mackenzie for co-winning first place at the science fair in the first grade division. Here is a photo of her and science fair project. Very very awesome.

If that didn’t completely satisfy your science fair fix, here is a photo of our class entry into the science fair. It was called “Exploding Color” and even though class projects weren’t entered into the competition portion of the fair, I’d like to think we would have cracked the top five. All kidding aside, we all had fun with this project and hopefully excited some of the students to enter the science fair next year.

One last note, TPRI and DRA testing are now beginning so make sure your child is well rested and has a good breakfast… and as always continue to read with them nightly.