Here are a couple photos from the past weeks.

We figured out different ways to represent the fraction 1/2.
Mackenzie and Lena categorized all of our giant insects on the science table.

Noah showed off his design skills using pattern blocks.

Benjamin and Javon are showing off our Name Fractions hanging up in the hallway.

Harley, Gracie, Lily, Noah, Javon, Mackenzie, and Lena put on a new play for the class.
Jewel and David had fun with puzzles.

Julian and Mikah read the adventures of Scooby-Doo and Clifford.

Lily, her little brother, and mom brought in her two new bunnies for the class to meet.

Finally, we welcomed our new student Noah into our classroom or as we like to call him New-Noah, Noah #2 or Noah G. Whatever you decide to call him, he has been a fun addition to the class.