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The room is all packed and now summer officially begins!

My first meal of summer… PIZZA READER! Our class shirt’s motto continues!
Email me a photo of your pizza reader eating pizza and reading this summer or any summer adventures and I’ll add them to the website!

Let me know if you have any summer reading, math, writing questions. 

Have a GREAT summer!!!

THANK YOU for such an awesome year!
We had a couple guests join us for our final class photo… Jack and Annie from the Magic Tree House chapter book series and we snuck in a photo of Wiley. 

Congratulations to Jayden for winning the distance contest and Lilianna for winning the points contest!

There are easily a couple hundred notes, cards, well wishes, and pictures that this class made for me this year. 

This is an amazing group of kiddos!

THANK YOU to all the chaperones that came out on our little adventure to Garrison Park! We all had a blast this morning!

Today Adrian started the massage line. It was the most relaxing trip down the hallways this year!

The day we’ve been waiting for finally arrived! Our pen pals came to Cunningham! We had an amazing time with Mrs. Benoit’s first graders from Barton Hills Elementary! Awesome times!

Hugo, from Mrs. Benoit’s class, gave everyone red noses in support of Red Nose Day. In case you weren’t familiar with Red Nose Day, here’s a little info Again, awesome times!

We also passed out some fun silly awards too…
Lilianna = Writing Center Award
Lyric = Chess Master Award
Adrian = Jaws Titanic Award
Aryanna = Drawing Award
Cooper = Guardians of the Galaxy Award
Jordan = “When is it lunch?” Award
John = Call me “Ant Boy!” Award
Landon = Video Games Award
Lucas = Crazy Stories Award
Avianna = Friends with Everyone Award
Jayden = Dallas Cowboys Award
Khloe = The Writer Award
Lucia = Ice Cream Award
Spencer = Basketball Award
Travis = Potatoes Award
Grace = Cute Puppies Award
Wiley = Dinosaurs Award
Robert = Mario Brothers Award
Nevaeh = Singing and Dancing Award
Nash = “Can I go to Computers?” Award

Today we said goodbye to Wiley has he began his summer vacation early. 
We will miss that little guy but excited to see him again in second grade!


= joke day and awards (@2:15pm in the first grade pod)

= our pen pals visit (wear our class pizza shirt)

PS = Track and field pictures coming soon!