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There’s nothing better than reading with your buddy. 


Our sight words for this week. 

Here are some photos from Lee’s spring break. I also would have to agree with Lee and say that is one crazy wild ride!

Oliver kicked off his spring break by camping and swimming at Krause Springs. If you’ve never been to Krause Springs, please treat yourself this summer. It’s a great spot. 

Feel free to email me your student’s spring break adventures no matter how big or small and I’ll add them to the class website! Have fun!

As you can see it was a pretty wild Friday assembly before spring break. 
I hope everyone has a fantastic spring break! Feel free to send any photos of your fun spring break adventures and I’ll add them to the class website. 

Today we started talking about plants. What better way to show water being absorbed than by using the always fun celery food coloring experiment! 

We also read, talked, and did all things Dr. Seuss this past Friday to celebrate Dr Seuss’ birthday. We would have taken a nice photo but we saved all of those for our group class photo earlier that day. Enter crazy silly Dr. Seuss photo…

This past Friday Jack’s mom read to the class and gave us silly insights into all things Jack. We found out that the only seafood Jack enjoys is calamari (I don’t blame him… calamari is amazing). Thus a new nickname was created… Calamari Jack. 

Here are a couple of our rough drafts of our Changemaker Poems. We are going to publish them all to make Volume Two of our THOUGHTS MAGAZINE.

This one gets it! Bored games over video games for life!