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Where would you visit?


Our favorite new underwater hero, Jacques Cousteau!

The fine folks from the Austin Bat Refuge visited first grade today! The best part… they brought four different types of bats!!!!!

This past Friday Lilliana’s grandpa read the awesome book The Dog Who Loved Tortillas to our class! He is a Rey Feo Consejo for Fiesta in San Antonio. He wore his Fiesta outfit and answered lots of Fiesta related questions. He even gave each student in the class a Fiesta medal! 

For more information about Fiesta please visit

On Friday we exchanged our biographies! We put all of the first grade names in a hat, drew names, interviewed each other, wrote biographies, drew tons of pictures, and Friday was the big exchange! 

Emily’s mom read to our class Friday morning! She read the amazing The Dot and then answered all kinds of Emily related questions. Perfect way to start a Friday!
All of our April mystery reader spots are booked, but let me know if you’d like to be a mystery reader in May. Thanks!

We had a local bat expert (Corrina’s mom) from Bat Conservation International came to our class to talk all things bats. We saw fascinating photos and interesting stories about her bat experiences. 

She also provided all the ingredients to make fruit smoothies using fruits that bats eat!

Learn more about Bat Conservation International by checking out their website…

Super awesome!

Today we made smoothies from fruits that bats eat, foods that bats protect, and seeds that bats spread. The smoothie turned out great! Afterwards we sliced up the leftover papaya with some fresh squeezed lime juice and had a snack during math centers. 

We also made bat masks!

Hooray bats!

I might fundamentally disagree, but at least she wrote a nice complete sentence. Avocados forever!

Happy Friday! Lola’s dad read from the very cool Star Wars Heroes and Villians book and answered lots of Lola questions. We found out Lola wants to start a YouTube channel. The whole class is already excited about the future YouTube channel!