Today we said goodbye to Jeremiah as he heads back to California.
We will miss you Jeremiah!


Today Jack’s dad read to the class, answered a whole bunch of questions about Jack building with Legos at all hours of the night, and now holds the title of “tallest mystery reader.” 

Our newest book, Crankenstein, was finally published! A class of authors and illustrators. 

Derek’s mom was our mystery reader on Thursday! She read to us, answered funny questions about Derek, and gave each student a sticker. A great way to end the week!

Our favorite new morning meeting game… Kooseekee!

The blue is new!

I sent home an updated class directory today on blue cardstock. Stay warm and dry tonight!

Thanks to everyone who ordered books through Scholastic in October. Because of those orders we got all of these books for free!
 I’ll send home the November and December catalogs later this month. Let me know if the books are a gift and we can arrange a way to get them home without the student knowing. Thanks!

I sent home the class directory today in the red daily folder. It’s on bright green cardstock so that it would be easy to find. I hope that the students take their connections and friendships from the classroom out into the real world.

Let me know if I made a mistake anywhere or if I need to update anything. I would be happy to send home an updated class directory if needed. Thanks!

Another Friday, another fun mystery reader! Lee’s dad stopped by to read to the class and answer silly questions about Lee. For example we found out that Lee loves pizza and chicken but not chicken on pizza. 

The best way to end a busy day is with a nice little story. Thanks for reading us a book Lola!